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Pest Control Inspection Service in Palm Beach County; POAs, HOA's, shopping centers and apartments complex’s

Mantis Environmental Pest Control is available to inspect your property and buildings and provide an estimate if needed. We focus on long term prevention, removal, and exclusion.

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Pests like your place too, the bugs are always ready to move into your location. Mantis pest control is here to protect and defend your property against all infestations of pests. Our personalized approach and customer focused technicians are here to protect your property from current or future infestations. 

Cockroaches and ants are no stranger to Florida or West Palm Beach, and these pests can be found behind refrigerators, sinks, stoves, even in kitchen cabinets or anywhere that's dark and moist. Mantis pest control services are highly adept at discovering and removing cockroaches, ants, silver bugs and other pests with long lasting more effective results than over-the-counter products that can be fairly unproductive against these adaptable invaders.

Pest Control in the West Palm Beach area

Mantis Environmental pest control services can target local Florida pests, including; mosquitoes, wasps and hornets. It's hard to enjoy a West Palm Beach pool or backyard barbecue when you're plagued by pests. We also fix ant infestation in your yard living room and kitchen. Our pest control service will help ensure these bugs aren't establishing colonies in your walls or under the foundation of your home. Ant colony populations can number up to 300,000-500,000, and scout ants leave an invisible chemical trail that signals other ants where they can find a food source. Other native West Palm Beach pests include ticks, spiders, and silverfish, which can pose health hazards if they bite you.

Looking for pest control in the West Palm Beach area? Call for an inspection with Mantis Environmental today; we will propose a customized, continuous treatment plan that's just right for your home and yard. In addition to a thorough inspection of your home,we will check your crawlspaces for moisture, your foundation for wood debris, and any other risk areas that could become a problem. After we complete your inspection, you will receive our Mantis Environmental Inspection Report and recommendation for termite control. We can offer you a unique situation, which may include everything from liquid treatment that offers immediate protection, as well as dry foam for hard to reach areas, and bait and monitoring techniques for at-risk areas. After the treatment is completed, your Mantis Environmental technicians will craft a Continuous Termite Protection Plan that will monitor and help protect your home against future termite infestations. Homeowners often average of $4,500 to repair termite damage, avoid being be part of the statistic and choose a termite treatment plan with West Palm Beach pest control service by Mantis Environmental. Call Mantis Environmental Pest Control Services to schedule your inspection and enjoy the Florida life style without termites and other pests infesting your valuable real estate.

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