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Rodent Exterminators – Rat & Mice Exterminators

Rat & Mouse Pest Control Service in Palm Beach County; POAs, HOA's, shopping centers and apartments complex’s

Rats and Mice are not new to West Palm Beach, rodents love to infest your property along with a long list of pests that like it here too, they are always ready to move into your location. Mantis pest control is here to protect and defend your property against all infestations of rats and mice. Our personalized approach and customer focused technicians are here to protect your property from current or future rodent infestations

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Also Offering Rodent Proofing and Prevention

Rats and mice are always ready to infest Florida and West Palm Beach, and these pests can be found chewing and nesting, in your attic, storage units, even in kitchen cabinets or anywhere they can get busy making their population grow rapidly. Mantis pest control services are highly adept at discovering and removing Rats and mice as well as any other pests providing a long lasting effective pest control results you can count on against these adaptable and smart rodents.

Mantis Environmental rodent pest control services can target Palm Beach rodent pest exterminators we locate areas of rodent activity and eliminate potential rodent entry points. Mantis Environmental will clear your business or buildings of rats and mice, protecting your property from rat and mouse pests year-round with expert rat and mouse control services.

Most common rodents in South Florida are Norway Rats, Roof Rats and the house mouse. Mantis Environmental Pest Control Service technicians are top notch at finding the ways rats and mice can get in and lead to rodent infestations. These pest can access the building through an opening as small as a dime.

Rodent Exclusion Services by Mantis Environment

Rodent control is difficult to maintain long-term. We will inspect your property quickly and seal any openings to help prevent rodents from entering.

Exterminate Rats & Mice in Palm Beach

Rodents populations in Florida, may include Norway rats, roof rats, and house mouse. Mantis Environmental pest control has the experience and expertise to keep you protected against all types of rodents.

Rodent Removal Services for Palm Beach Gardens

Do you hear scratching and chewing noises in your walls, smelling foul odors? You may have a rodent problem in your building. Rats and mice are destructive with the gnawing and nesting habits. They can also contaminate food and trigger allergies. Rodent control is difficult, it is recommended to team up with a professional rodent exterminator before things get out of control.

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Looking for Rodent Control in the West Palm Beach area? Call for an inspection with Mantis Environmental today; we will propose a customized, continuous treatment plan that's just right for your home and yard. In addition to a thorough inspection of your home, we will check your crawlspaces for rats and mice, your foundation for rodent damage, and any other risk areas that could become a problem. After we complete your inspection, you will receive our Mantis Environmental Inspection Report and recommendation for Rodent control.

We can offer you a unique situation, which may include bait and monitoring in addition to exclusion for at-risk areas. After the treatment is completed, your Mantis Environmental technicians will craft a Rodent Control Protection Plan that will monitor and help protect your home against future rat & mouse infestations. Property owners often average of $5000 to repair rodent damage, avoid being be part of the statistic and choose a rodent extermination treatment plan with pest control service for your HOA or POA by Mantis Environmental. Call Mantis Environmental to schedule your inspection and enjoy the Florida life style without rats or mice and other pests infesting your valuable real estate.

Pest Control in Palm Beach Gardens area

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