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Tick Exterminators – Flea & Tick Exterminators

Tick Pest Control Service in Palm Beach County; POAs, HOA's, shopping centers and apartments complex’s

Ticks are a real problem in West Palm Beach, ticks can quickly infest your property along with a long list of pests that like it here too, they are always ready to move into your location. Mantis pest control is here to protect and defend your property against all infestations of Ticks and Fleas. Our personalized approach and customer focused technicians are here to protect your property from current or future Tick and Flea infestations

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Also Offering Rodent Proofing and Prevention

Ticks and Fleas very capable of infestinfesting Florida and West Palm Beach, and these pests can be found on Pets and wildlife, on your grounds, common areas, even in your lawn or anywhere they can get busy making a meal of you and your livestock and pets. Mantis pest control services are highly adept at discovering and removing Rats and mice as well as any other pests providing a long lasting effective pest control results you can count on against these adaptable and voracious invaders.

Mantis Environmental tick and flea pest control services can target local Florida pest. Mantis Environmental Pest Control will locate areas of tick and flea activity and eliminate potential high infestation areas. Mantis Environmental will clear your property or buildings of ticks and fleas, protecting your property from tick and flea problems year-round with expert pest control services.

Exterminate Ticks & Fleas in Palm Beach

Tick Removal Services for Palm Beach Gardens

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Ticks Surprise Us:’ 2021 May Be Big Lyme Disease Year. (WebMD.com)

Most people are infected by nymphal stages during the spring and summer. Nymphs are often small enough to escape notice and so can stay attached longer than adults, increasing risk of disease transmission. (http://www.floridahealth.gov/diseases-and-conditions/tick-and-insect-borne-diseases/tick-information.html)

Property owners all agree that thay would like to avoid being infested with ticks and fleas and happily choose a tick extermination treatment plan with pest control service for your HOA or POA by Mantis Environmental. Call Mantis Environmental to schedule your inspection and enjoy the Florida life style without ticks or fleas and other pests infesting your valuable real estate.

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